jive «jyv», noun, verb, jived, jiv|ing. Slang.
1. = swing music. (Cf.swing music)
2. dancing to swing music.
3. the jargon of swing enthusiasts.
4. the latest slang.
5. misleading or tiresome talk.
1. to perform or dance to swing music.
2. to know what is going on; fit in with the others in one's group: »

Unless you hear a good old-fashioned hell-fire sermon at least once a week you just don't jive, brother (Atlantic).

3. to tease playfully; joke: »

“You jivin' or you really tat ignorant?” Sukie asked (Louise Meriwether).

to tease; fool; kid: »

“I jive people if I don't trust them, see,” he explains (Time).

[origin uncertain]
jiv´er, noun.

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